Sergio Rossi / Making Of Spring Summer

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Future Prehistory
A new era. A different look. Experimental and primordial. An Utopian, tribal society inherent in elegance. 21st Century, triumphant, Amazon goddesses rich with age-old secrets. The shoe as talisman creates a future prehistory.The Sergio Rossi collection for Spring Summer 2011 is artisanal and hand-finished. The shoe is an object of worship, Neo-Classic/neo-primitive body art; tattoos, piercings and scarification.

Pure lines and gestural curves. Brass, hand-pounded into shapes, cage body accessories, heels and hand bags. Exotics skins like python combine with wood and flashes of red, orange, pink and electric blue calfskin, suede and patent leather.
Sculptural. Emotional and fantastic. Conceptual and highly technical. Skin against skin wards off spirits and beckons from afar. Paying tribute to Francois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne, shoes, belts, cuffs and collars become body armor, protecting and empowering. Francesco Russo, Creative Director of Sergio Rossi says, „These decorative elements influence a woman in her imagination as much as in her appearance.

There is a return to the linear extreme; a play of balancing experimentation and tradition.“ Plasma screens in picture frames display a digital sequence of tableaux vivants where women move in imaginary space and time emboldened, captivating, and elusive.